New Or Used Bike

If you have decided you are ready to make the change and get yourself a motorcycle, there are still a few things to think about and one of the most important will be whether you go for a brand new model or a used one. When it comes to making this decision there is little difference from if you were choosing between a new or used car.

The same principles apply and there will be similar advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few of the things you should be considering before you commit to a purchase.

Condition – One of the big plus points about buying a bike brand new from a manufacturer garage (such as Suzuki for example) is that you will be getting a model in pristine condition and you’ll have the peace of mind with warranty and guarantees – which means you won’t have to worry about anything going wrong. You are taking a bit more of a risk when you opt for a used bike in this sense, particularly if you buy from a private seller, so if you do buy a second hand motorcycle make sure it is from a reputable dealer.

Price – This is of course the main reason why people go for second hand motorcycles instead of new ones, in the exact same way that many people opt for used cars rather than new or lease ones. You can make significant savings on second hand bikes, but one of the more positive points is that they don’t depreciate quite as quickly as cars. A second hand Audi A6 might depreciate as much as £3,500 a year in its first three years after purchase, whereas a motorcycle may only depreciate up to £3,000 over the whole of its first three years.

Specification – When you buy a new motorbike, you can buy the exact specification that you require. Any extras or engine differences will not be a problem, whereas with a used bike you are stuck with what is on offer in each particular sale.

Choice – On the other side of the coin, there is a lot more choice in terms of the different bikes which are actually available if you opt for a second hand one. If you buy a new bike your choice is limited to current models which are offered by manufacturers.