Types of Motorbike

There are a number of different types of motorbike, all of which cater to a particular type of drive and a particular type of use. You should familiarise yourself with the different types of bikes in order to choose the motorbike which is suitable for your needs. Here are the different types of motorbike:

Whilst it is important to think about what bike is best for you rationally, you should also pay attention to your heart for how happy you are with your purchase is what really matters when it is all said and done. Motorbiking is all about love and passion, fun and excitement so bear this in mind whilst buying, and know that you can sacrifice a little bit of practicality if it makes you happy. Whilst it is all about love and passion, don’t forget your budget and remember to include insurance, gear and servicing costs!

Some people are a little wary about making the switch over from a car to a bike and occasionally it can be because of a lack of trust when it comes to new brands. Fear not, as there are actually many car manufacturers who produce motorcycles too, such as Honda and Suzuki.

If you're lucky enough to be happy with your model from a manufacturer which produces bikes, then why not stick with them and have peace of mind.